Something Wiccan - James  Drummond

Carrying on where things left off, you are transported into a world where monsters beyond werewolves exist and Toby has been chosen to help fight against these monsters.


I think you can see Toby's sheer determination in this book to want to help others, a void he is trying desperately to fill even if he comes close to his own death. I enjoyed reading the book and enjoyed the quick introduction of new characters, I say quick because the story is non-stop action, towards the end I found it very hard to put down I just wanted to know what happened next, especially as in the last book main characters were killed off so did not know what to expect. 


The messages about power are there again which I must admit I like to see deeper messages lurking in the shadows!


Overall a great follow up of the first book, and just as good. Thank you for the great read.


(You could read this as a stand alone from the first book, although there are small details that may make more sense.)