Great book

— feeling happy
Lifewalla - Nina Joshi Ramsey

** spoiler alert ** A sensational book about the desperation and loneliness of grief. This book demonstrates the pain of a young woman whose family became a victim to a gas leak at a factory in Jantapur, the moments that occurred after that pulled at my own heart strings and with each page I read, I felt a deep saddening at the fact that what I was reading was based on true events.

Nina Ramsey has also shown the unfortunate truth that widows suffer in India due to no fault of their own. However, this story shows that despite her misfortune her search for reunion with the souls of her family this lady was on a journey of discovery and determination.

A thrilling read and I enjoyed the journey that Dilkush makes and how although she is left in a very unfortunate situation all her actions and misconceptions lead her to some place of meaning, leading me to confirm my belief that everything happens for a reason.

Ultimately following the reading of this book, I myself was left feeling quite angry at how we treat our fellow human beings and how the cost of a life long injury seems to outweigh death due to the cost of compensation! A meer £200 was given to pay for lifelong suffering. Is this the world we live in?